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GOOD OLD GLASSES – by Thomas Klehn 2015

Walking on my road again
Trying to solve a little puzzle
things I thought, that I forgot
still are working as a kind of pattern

I am tired of trying to squeeze the fruits
from my past out of the present
my memories are coloring everything
what is newly born to me

I want to get rid of my past
I don’t wanna see through good old glasses
I wanna see like a new born child again
Like the first time in a classroom

Its not me, its just memory

the clothes of this yesterday
are not fitting to my present
And I thank the lord, who had set this trap
For delivering solvation too

Why would we act like animals
led by instincts called our past
we are given mighty means our minds our dreams
for a reason … so look and see


Its tendencies to bind me
I let them run into the vast
Cause I am awake and I won’t let loose
I am a Human being and much more.

Discrimination is the sword
Separating a lie from truth
And the right understanding would be a good shield
For guiding me and you


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